Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our Market

Hi still is our stall from the market day on Sunday at Oran Park it was a great turn out with lots of people interested in what we do and how we do it sold some things and got people interested.

Hear are some of the products that I put together they are from the holiday catalogue which you can purchase from me just by placing a order.

Up Date

It has been a while and when I mean a while to be exact 17 months a lot has gone on and that is why I haven't had the time to blog but it was brought to my attention from my up line Teneale Williams that it was in desperate need of a up date and to quite truthfull I didn't think it was that ling since I had posted any thing how time fly's.
So to get you up to speed with what has been happening as a lot of you no I am a foster carer and have had a girl in my care for 6 years so since my last post I had another 12 year old girl come into my care and so with dealing with her issues and the constant arguments between both girls I haven't had the time or energy to blog but she isn't with us any more as it got to much for all so just when I thought that I would have a break we got asked to have 2 boys so now they have been with us since September last year and we still have the first girl. It has been quite full on with the boys as with there issues and tempers and tantrums on a daily basis blogging is just not happening then in November of last year we got asked to have a baby so with having her its been a little busy.
But with all that is going on I have started to make time for myself and so on the weekend I did a market at oran park with my good friend Narelle Macey and we had a great time the market was a great day a big turn out with lots of people looking and asking questions about our products we sold a few things and got people taking our name and numbers.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hi as it has been a while and i no do say this all the time i am going to try and up date my blog a little more regular so hear goes as it is Valentines day today i thought i would put a couple of projects that i made for the market on the weekend. Most of the ideas i got have come from other people but i have change a little things on them i am going to start with the heart box made with the heart framelites and embossed with the Adorning folders the Heart one these are in our currant catalogue.

The site that i got this idea from is qbees quest designs by Brenda quintana i hope you enjoy.

I also made some cards for valentines and to sell at the market but i didn't sell any of the cards but did sell a couple of things I do like this card and even though i made it for valentines looking at it can be used for any other occasion.

Would love to hear any comments that you may have on these ideas
                                                   Happy Stamping
                                               Michelle Lennon

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Up Date

Hi again i am back and yes i have said this many times before but the differance this time i am going to make more of a effeft by trying to put a card a week if not a least once a fortnight.
Over the last couple of months i have been busy with things happening in my personal life and also my card nights that happen every fortnight so i thought i would start with a couple of cards that i did a while ago and then work my way up to the most recent ones.

I no that it isn't christmas but i thought i would show it any way as we did this for christma in July now if i don't say so myself i thought this turned out quite well the next card i will show is one that we did in class the next fortnight
I quite like htis one because it is me simple but affective and while a lot of people like layers and struggle with simple i am the other way around but i have decided to make it my challenge to have a go at layers and see what i come with it but for now it is simple.

that is it for this post but as i said earler i will be back and i will show you a few more any comments that you give would greatly appreciated buy for now

Michelle Lennon

Friday, 30 March 2012


Hi all, ihave notice it has been quite a while since i last posted on my blog and as i don't have many followers i thought i better up date anyway so hear is a project that i put together for the lovely ladys that come on a Friday night. I also put this project together for a fete that i did last weekend at Kemps Creek public school and my friend Narelle came with me to give me a hand. I did find this project from another blog but changed the colour scheme and ribon to suite what i had a the time and as this photo is of the one of the ones i had the fete when the ladys did it last night the colour was changed.

 I also put together a card to go with this lovely box also the box holds 5 little chocklates in each section. As useal i don't like the cards that i put together myself normaly but this one i do like it is simple but affective well i think so and that is all that matters sometimes. Anyway until next time and maybe just maybe it might be it won't be to long between posts

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Book Mark

Hi again just thought i would pot a book mark that i made as i was asked to as this one is so cute and some people wanted to see what it looked like as you can see i have used the 2 step owl punch with the 2 step  bird punch i also have used the 2 tag die to make the book mark santa is so cute as they didn't sell very well at the last spring fair but they did at the first spring fair hopefuly they will do well at the next fair i do which is in December. Hope you enjoy my little santa by for now

Spring Fair

Hi all its been a while and a lot has happened since my last post i have been busy with a spring fair at our local school trying to sell some lovely cards and get some lead this all happened one the 22nd of October it was a great day had a great turn out and i was in a good position. We made some money and got a few leads and hopefuly if not this year but in the new year it all works out.
Then i did another spring fair 2weeks later at bringelly Public school it was a bit diffarent from the first as the turn out was more spread out and with that it was hard to see how people turned up but it was constant it was another good day made lots but it was very hot and i got a little burnt but it was worth it for the money that i made gave out some flyers and hopefuly they turn out good as a couple of people were interested in having a work shop so we will wait and see if they ring. until next time happy stamping
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